Omnipresent Is Hiring The Following Positions In QATAR - Remote Jobs تقوم شركة Omnipresent بتوظيف الوظائف التالية في قطر - وظائف عن بعد


Qatar Jobs Today: Omnipresent Company announces new job opportunities. Are you looking for job opportunities in Qatar? Omnipresent Company announces the opening of recruitment for many jobs in various specializations in Qatar on today's date. These opportunities are available to all nationalities. Learn about the available jobs and how to apply through the following advertisement.

About Omnipresent Company 

Who we are

Remote work is one of the great equalizers of our time, allowing people to secure employment opportunities from companies around the world, no matter where they were born or where they live. Omnipresent does just that.

We are a customer-focused global employment services partner that can help companies grow their teams in more than 155 countries and territories around the world. How do we do that? Well, through our SaaS platform, OmniPlatform. We help companies (big or small) deal with the complexities involved with hiring global teams remotely, by managing employee onboarding through to offboarding, including legal and compliance, payroll, expenses, and health and benefits.

We also practice what we preach! We are a fully remote company which means we have no head office. Our team of more than 250 people is located in more than 50 countries and territories around the world. This means you can work from anywhere. We provide benefits and support in any global location just as we would for our clients and their remote teams. Our company has a flat structure which means accountability and taking initiative towards your everyday tasks that help further our ambitious company goals.

At a time when remote work is exploding, we’re growing our team to help make global remote work a reality for people everywhere.

Required jobs in Omnipresent company and their details:

1. Senior Staff Software Engineer - Fully Remote

2. Senior People Partner - Product & Engineering (12 month FTC)

3. Senior People Partner - Product & Engineering (12 month FTC)

4. Senior People Partner - Product & Engineering (12 month FTC)

5. Senior People Partner - Product & Engineering (12 month FTC)

6. Senior Software Engineer (Python) - Fully Remote

How to apply for jobs

To apply for the aforementioned jobs, you can follow these steps:
  1. To go to the application page. (Job opportunities for Omnipresent Company)
  2. Click on a job title to view details.
  3. Please click the Easy Apply button at the top of the page.
  4. Enter the required information in the pop-up screens.
  5. Click Review to review the form.

Source and additional details

  • Job source: The official website 
  • Posted Date: 25-12-2023 (Please check the date before applying).
  • Required Nationalities: All nationalities.

وظائف قطر اليوم: شركة Omnipresent تعلن عن فرص عمل جديدة . هل تبحث عن فرص عمل في قطر ؟ شركة Omnipresent تعلن عن فتح باب التوظيف للعديد من الوظائف في مختلف التخصصات في قطر بتاريخ اليوم . تتاح هذه الفرص لجميع الجنسيات. تعرف على الوظائف المتاحة وكيفية التقديم من خلال الإعلان التالي.

الوظائف المطلوبة في شركة Omnipresent وتفاصيلها:

1. مهندس برمجيات كبير الموظفين - عن بعد بالكامل

2. شريك أول - المنتج والهندسة (FTC لمدة 12 شهرًا)

3. شريك أول - المنتج والهندسة (FTC لمدة 12 شهرًا)

4. شريك أول - المنتج والهندسة (FTC لمدة 12 شهرًا)

5. شريك كبير الأشخاص - المنتج والهندسة (FTC لمدة 12 شهرًا)

6. مهندس برمجيات أول (بايثون) - عن بعد بالكامل

كيفية التقديم على الوظائف

للتقديم على الوظائف المذكورة، يمكنك اتباع الخطوات التالية:

  1.   للانتقال إلى صفحة التقديم. ( فرص عمل شركة Omnipresent)
  2. انقر فوق المسمى الوظيفي لعرض التفاصيل.
  3. يُرجى النقر فوق زر التقديم السريع في أعلى الصفحة.
  4. أدخل المعلومات المطلوبة في الشاشات المنبثقة.
  5. انقر فوق مراجعة لمراجعة الاستمارة.

المصدر وتفاصيل إضافية

  • مصدر الوظائف: الموقع الرسمي 
  • تاريخ النشر: 25-12-2023 (يرجى التأكد من التاريخ قبل التقديم).
  • الجنسيات المطلوبة: جميع الجنسيات.


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