American Academy School is Seeking a Social Worker for Hiring in Qatar تبحث مدرسة الأكاديمية الأمريكية عن اخصائي اجتماعي للتوظيف في قطر

   American Academy School is Seeking a Social Worker for Hiring in Qatar  تبحث مدرسة الأكاديمية الأمريكية عن اخصائي اجتماعي للتوظيف في قطر

American Academy School Jobs In Qatar: American Academy School is Hiring for new job opportunities In Qatar . Are you searching for a job in Qatar? American Academy School announces the opening of Recruitment Process for The Following Opportunities in  Qatar. learn more about American Academy School jobs and how to apply through the following advertisement.

Required jobs in American Academy School and their details:

Social Worker

The Social Worker helps people cope with the challenges they are facing in their lives, and then treat individuals who have mental, behavioural, and emotional disorders. In general, social workers help people assess and solve problems in their lices. These challenges range from physical and mental illness to childcare and crises susch as domestic violence. Additional duties depend on the type of population and area of expertise of the social worker.


 Bachelor/ Master’s degree in Psychology or Sociology 


 Minimum 2 years as Social Worker
Reports To


Duties and Responsibilities 

Ø Providing mental health counselling to individuals.
Ø Conducting initial assessment of student’s situation to determine needs and goals.
Ø Researching and advocating for appropriate public assistance resources for students.
Ø Communicating with students care teams.
Ø Providing crisis intervention as needed.
Ø Referring individuals to appropriate treatment centers, as indicated.
Ø Ensuring that all case files, and other records, strictly comply with policies, regulations, and procedures.
Ø Coordinating treatment planning and maintaining ongoing contact with outpatient providers for the continual care of patients.
Ø Actively participating in ongoing training as needed in order to meet all certification standards and credentialing policies.
Ø Conduct workshops for teachers on topics needed.
Ø Observing classes to observe students’ behavior.
Ø Meeting with students with discipline issues.
Ø Arrange activities for students to promote positive behaviour.
Ø Interact with students to assess the areas in which they might need counselling or assistance.
Ø Help students function effectively in the school environment.
Ø Communicating with parents, teachers and administrators is essential to provide a full view of the issues facing an individual student, group, or entire district.
Ø Maintain case files and reports to tract student problems and progress and to recognizes patterns in behaviour.
Ø Evaluate student transcripts.

How to apply for jobs

To apply for the aforementioned jobs, you can follow these steps:
  1. To go to the application page. (Job opportunities for American Academy School)
  2. Click on a job title to view details.
  3. Please click the Easy Apply button at the top of the page.
  4. Enter the required information in the pop-up screens.
  5. Click Review to review the form.

Source and additional details

  • Job source: The official website 
  • Posted Date: 21-11-2023 (Please check the date before applying).
  • Required Nationalities: All nationalities.

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