Security Supervisor is Needed for Hiring at Al Deera Commercial Real Estate Company in Qatar مطلوب مشرف أمن للتوظيف في شركة الديرة التجارية العقارية في قطر

 Security Supervisor is Needed for Hiring at Al Deera Commercial Real Estate Company in Qatar  مطلوب مشرف أمن للتوظيف في شركة الديرة التجارية العقارية في قطر

Qatar Jobs Today: Al Deera Commercial Real Estate Company announces new job opportunities. Are you looking for job opportunities in Qatar? Al Deera Commercial Real Estate Company announces the opening of recruitment for many jobs in various specializations in Qatar on today's date. These opportunities are available to all nationalities. Learn about the available jobs and how to apply through the following advertisement.

Required jobs in Al Deera Commercial Real Estate company and their details:

Security Supervisor

 As a Security Supervisor in a residential complex, you will be responsible for ensuring the safety and security of residents, property, and assets within the designated premises. You will lead a team of security personnel, develop and implement security protocols, and collaborate with other departments to maintain a secure living environment.

Key Responsibilities:

Team Leadership:
Supervise and coordinate the activities of security personnel, including scheduling, training, and performance management.
Foster a positive and professional work environment within the security team.
Security Operations:
Develop, implement, and enforce security policies and procedures to safeguard residents, property, and assets.
Conduct regular security patrols to identify and address potential security risks.
Monitor security systems, including CCTV cameras, access control systems, and alarms.
Emergency Response:
Develop and execute emergency response plans for various scenarios, including fire, natural disasters, and security breaches.
Coordinate with local law enforcement and emergency services when necessary.
Resident Interaction:
Establish and maintain positive relationships with residents, addressing their security concerns and ensuring a high level of customer service.
Provide assistance and information to residents regarding security measures and protocols.
Incident Reporting:
Investigate and document security incidents, accidents, or other events.
Prepare and submit detailed reports on security-related matters to management.
Training and Development:
Conduct regular training sessions for security personnel on safety procedures, emergency response, and customer service.
Stay informed about the latest security trends, technologies, and best practices.
Access Control:
Manage access control systems, ensuring that only authorized individuals have entry to the residential complex.
Oversee visitor registration and validation processes.
Collaborate with property management, maintenance, and other relevant departments to address security-related issues.
Participate in meetings and discussions related to the overall safety and security of the residential complex.


High school diploma or equivalent; additional certifications in security management is a plus.
Proven experience in a supervisory role in security operations.
Knowledge of local laws and regulations related to security in residential areas.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Ability to remain calm and effective in high-pressure situations.
Proficient in using security equipment and technology.

How to apply for jobs

To apply for the aforementioned jobs, you can follow these steps:
  1. To go to the application page. (Job opportunities for Al Deera Commercial Real Estate Company)
  2. Click on a job title to view details.
  3. Please click the Easy Apply button at the top of the page.
  4. Enter the required information in the pop-up screens.
  5. Click Review to review the form.

Source and additional details

  • Job source: The official website 
  • Posted Date: 19-11-2023 (Please check the date before applying).
  • Required Nationalities: All nationalities.


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